Support Work

Our highly trained support workers and day opportunities staff are able to work with a wide range of clients doing activities they enjoy.

We carefully match staff with clients by considering their skills, interests and hobbies. To this end, each staff member has a detailed “worker profile” which is continually updated. Both clients and workers will also have a shorter “one-page profile” for each others’ reference (staff one-page profiles can be seen in “SSC Team”).

Before support begins, staggered induction / “getting to know you” sessions take place to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Support Planning

We have five trained support planners. When we receive a referral one of our support planners will arrange a face to face meeting, usually in the client’s home, where they can meet with the client and/or their carer or representative if they have one. The meeting gives us a chance to find out more about the person, what they enjoy and what support they need. An initial support plan will be produced based on this meeting, which will also take into account the person’s overview assessments from the local authority or their Education, Health and Care plan if they are in or have recently left education. In developing a support plan we work closely with the PBS Manager to ensure the person’s goals and outcomes are identified, their needs and any behaviours of concern are understood and effective strategies can be put in place.

Passenger Assist/Escorting

We are able to provide PAs for individual trips to college or school as well as medical appointments.

For more information, please contact Solutions Logistics at 020 3740 1333 / or visit

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